Ace Tennis League Season March 1 - April 26, 2021

Players will be promoted to higher level box, relegated to lower level box or stay in the same box when the season ends. We are creating a new top bop named ACE BOX with 6 players. Best 4 players from Box 1 and best 2 players from Box 2s will be promoted to ACE BOX when this season ends.


Thanks to Benoit for putting all scores together!

Rewards to Most Active Players This Season

Thank you contributors!

  • SPANISH wine by @Rafa
  • Two cans of 4 Kannon Tennis balls by @点点月光
  • Sparkling wine by @Yann Poirier IVPAR

No obligation. This is for fun and for encouraging match play. Anyone, not just limited to league players or member in this Ace League WeChat group, can contribute a small gift as an award, used or new, tennis related or not, anything is fine! Contributions are welcome year-round. Players claim the awards end of the season by availability, one player one item, in the order of the following:

  1. Total number of matches finished
  2. Ratio of matches finished/matches that can possibly finish%
  3. Total points earned
  4. Level of boxes in order of Box 1 to Box 5
The one most active player will also receive an Ace League MAP of the season medal by @Bo

Most Active Players This Season

  1. Imran van Hout
  2. David vW and Dalin